• Own Your Own Business

    Grow your business when you become a chauffeur through our program. 


  • Do you desire to build a portfolio of clients? 
  • Do you desire the ability to market to local businesses? 
  • Do you desire the opportunity to retire in 5 to 10 years?
  • Do you desire to take a vacation and get paid?

Call: (346) 344-8772 between 8am to 4pm or  ​​Email: orientation@urpc.us for more info

Feel free to review our ProtoType to familiarize yourself with our App. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign up?


How Does the Residual Income Part work?

The major financial difference is it allows Chauffeurs to build a lifetime of income from all clients they refer to the App.  It is possible for you the chauffeur to actually build a retirement income with the URPC system.  No other App or car service will allow you to do that. 

When Can I Start?
Why Ride Hail?

We chose the term ride hail as "Ride-hailing is a term to describe booking rides and paying for car service through a smartphone app with a transportation network company" In other words UrPC is striving to create a blend of the convenience of Ride Share with the service of a Professional Chauffeur.